Let us support you throughout all the stages of creation.

One moment touches two souls…

Let us support you throughout all the stages of creation.  Pregnancy can be both a beautiful and taxing time, experiencing the ups and downs of hormonal changes, physical changes, while mentally preparing for your baby’s arrival.

Our wide range of services not only support you during pregnancy, but also provide workshops for you and your partner about labor, postpartum, and infant massage.

Our mobile spa can provide the necessary pampering and beauty treatments you deserve.  This is also a great baby shower activity.

Pre-Natal Massage 

Receive all the benefits of massage therapy including relaxation, improved circulation, lymphatic drainage,
improved energy and reduction of muscular tension and stress.
50m $75
1h15 $95
1h30 $110
home service $115+

Birth Preparation Session

This session can take place in the studio or at your home.  Receive a full body relaxation massage along with the stimulation of key acupressure points that help prepare your body for labor. This may include teaching you and your partner techniques to help aid the birthing process.


Post Natal Massage

This mobile massage service is done the week after labor to help ease the pain of delivery.  We will accommodate to feeding times and encourage your baby to be present.


Infant Massage Workshop

Learn how to give your baby a massage to help connect, relax and soothe them into this new transition of life. These techniques will help with restlessness, colic, and sleep.  Both parents are encouraged to participate, for ages 0-18 months.


Mobile Spa

Receive a massage, facial, manicure or pedicure in the comfort of your own home! Our team of professionals can accommodate larger groups and are ideal for Showers.


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